DirtyBoat Charters is now offering specialized Deep-Drop Fishing charters out of Islamorada. Come offshore with us and let us show you how to explore waters 600 feet and deeper. Deep-dropping is not for the average angeler. DirtyBoat is armed and capable, with all of the latest state of the art technology. Combine top-of-the-line Raymarine Axiom Pro fish finder with Dawia’s Tanacom 1000 electric reel packed with more than 1,000′ of 60-lb. braid and you’re set for excitement. Some anglers may object to the assistance so you can always opt to fish deep water manually, but that’s quite a chore.

Deep-drop fishing is merely bottomfishing at great depths. The fish you’re likely to encounter will live near the bottom. Our deep-drop rigs are made with circle hooks and nylon monofilament main line and leaders. 9/0 circle hooks for fish less than 10 pounds, 13/0 or 14/0 for most other fish and 16/0 hooks for large grouper.

Fishing in water more than 600 feet deep is much different than dropping bait over the side on a shallow reef. When deep-drop fishing, we are in search of species of fish that you may have never even heard of. Wenchman Snapper, Wreckfish, Barrelfish, Scombrops, Escolar and Silk Snapper, just to name a few. Tilefish, Snowy Grouper, Yellow-Edge Grouper and Queen Snapper are more commonly caught. The best part about deep-dropping is that you never know what you may catch.

So what do you think? Want to come out with use and catch fish that live in total darkness and frigid temperatures a quarter-mile or more beneath the surface?